Floor Marking tapes - What's The Difference

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Floor marking tapes are made of a multiple different materials, including PVC and vinyl. Marking tapes vary in thickness and often start from 3mm, its different thickness allows the tape too be used for a wide range of durability options.  


Marking tapes are useful for helping workers put materials and equipment back in the right place which ensures mistakes are minimized and productivity and safety are both at the highest levels. As an effective replacement for paints Tapes are much faster and easier to install and replace. Aisle and floor marking tape can be used to mark your facility's aisles, walkways, safety hazards, storage areas and more. Most marking tapes will stick to virtually any dry surface when applied and are extremely tough making them great for warehouses and factories.


The market is flooded with many tape options at different prices. It is the retailer’s price that often sheds a light on the quality of the tape you are about to purchase. The tapes main qualities are its adhesiveness and how the grit is bonded to the tape its self. These two factors that can often cost more in the long run as replacement tape would be needed in a shorter period of time.


As you can see there are a few factors to remember when purchasing floor marking tapes, lower price means lower quality. What makes our tapes different from others is the quality of tape base. Our m2 tapes do not split into pieces when a removal is taking place nor do they leave a sticky residue that many others leave behind. Our floor tapes are available with our without an Anti-Slip element and come in strips, shapes and rolls. Dmd floor tapes are hard wearing and are available in a selection of colours that are extremely effective. As all our tapes and sheets are manufactured by us or for us direct, we are able to keep our prices well within your budget whithout cutting corners on quality.


The key thing to remember when purchasing floor marking tape is which tape suits BEST and SAFTEY,  Once you have selected the right product you are on the right track the making your environment a safer place.

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